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For business owners who are looking to add to their market share by offering their products internationally, Amazon has a solution for that. Known as Amazon Global, this program sets up Amazon sellers to embark on the journey of exporting their products to an established overseas market and to do it backed by the power of the global Amazon brand. Better still, for those who take advantage of the Fulfillment by Amazon program, there’s no additional headaches or hassles – the fulfillment centers take care of all of that.

Despite the many benefits an old proverb warns us that only fools rush in. There are costs to be counted, plans to be laid and somewhat critical tax and regulatory issues. Because of this, Amazon has provided a wealth of information on what you need to do to handle the planning and initial implementation. Today, we’re going to focus on three preliminary steps you can take right now to position yourself for international shipping success.

First Things First: Learn How the Program Works

There are pretty significant differences between shipping domestically and shipping internationally. From the labels to the postage to the forms to the duties and everything else, it can get a bit complex. As you get familiar with the Amazon Global shipping option, you’ll want to focus on finding out everything you can on the following three areas:

  1. Where you can sell (Here’s a cheatsheet.)
  2. Devising your entry strategy (Here’s another cheatsheet.) and
  3. Exploring your fulfillment options

Once you’ve figured out the nuts and bolts of going international, it’s on to the second step.

Next on the Agenda: Taxes & Regulations

International trade isn’t easy and, while more affordable than ever before, it isn’t cheap. Once you’ve established your entry strategy, you need to visit this page by Amazon to find out the specifics for the country or countries you’ll be expanding your business into. Bookmark it! Learn to know it well.

Finally: Correct Account Registration Then Ready, Set, Launch!

When it comes to learning what to do and how to do it right, there’s no better place to go than right back to the source. As you can imagine, registration requirements will vary from one country to the next. What works here might not work in China, or in the UK. You never know – you need to do your homework as it pertains to the countries you’ve included in your Entry Strategy. This is also when and where you’ll set up your payment center for your small business. Be sure to pay attention to important details like currency conversions, import fees and other overhead that can impact your bottom line.

Please keep in mind that once you’ve launched and started selling internationally, you can always tweak your pricing or other sales structure to handle any unforeseen costs or overhead. Margins can always be improved. The point is to get started and to keep climbing straight to the top.

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